“Undo” or “Hint” Which would you choose?

“Undo” or “Hint” Which would you choose?

There are few popular games that I play, some offer a “Hint” button while some offer an “Undo” button. Through some mad invention you created you figured out a way to create a magic button, but you can only choose one of the above options, “Hint” OR “Undo”. To make matters worse or to make this decision more of a challenge, each button has certain rules.

Hint: Will only suggest the first and sometimes easiest suggestion. It might be an option or solution you didn’t even see before but if you choose to follow it your stuck with it.

Undo: Though it may give you a second chance it is the only other chance you will get. You only can undo the last thing you did once.

So tell me which one you would choose and why. Have Fun!

Bonus: What other game features would you like to see in real life?