Personal Mt. Rushmore

A sculptor has just dropped a huge rock in your backyard. She wants to build a monument for you just like Mt. Rushmore, but you get to pick the four people on it. There are some rules though: You have to pick four, no more, no less. They do not…

Day 22 Crane Stance

Click Image to [+] Was trying to draw a figure in this pose in as few lines as possible but that never works for me. It quickly evolved into a mess, threw that one away, tried it again and got this. Pencil and Watercolor on paper

Dress yourself with song

I did an exercise like this before, "Compose a Meal", but this time think Wardrobe. I'm going to be a little tougher and have some stricter rules. Here they are: Pick out an outfit from song titles or lyrics. You must pick at least three different articles of clothing (we'll…
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