The New Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

Most of you know this game, if not it is very simple.

 The rules are:

  • Paper Covers Rock. Paper Wins
  • Rock Breaks Scissors. Rock Wins
  • Scissors Cuts Paper. Scissors Wins

 It is a very easy way to decide who is buying coffee that day or who has to get up to turn off the hallway light.

 Well even the simplest games can be changed. I want you to come up with three new items. Not new ones to add to this game but three new items with rules as to what beats what.

 Sample: Pizza, Napkin, Fork

  • Pizza Doesn’t Need Fork. Pizza Wins
  • Napkin Cleans Up Pizza. Napkin Wins
  • Fork Negates Napkin. Fork Wins

Have Fun!

Bonus: Make up actual hand signals like Rock, Paper, Scissors has and teach me your game.