Tastes just like the movie.

I think it is safe to assume we all have our favorite candy or better yet a candy bar. If I’m at the store, I have a tough time turning down anything with the word Reece’s on it.
It’s a Brand thing! I know it will have that peanut butter flavor that I love, but what if we took that brand identity thing in a different direction? What if we used something besides an established candy company brand on the name of a NEW candy bar you invent?
Pick one of the following for your Candy Bar Brand:
  • a movie
  • a novel
  • a TV show
  • a sports team
  • a comic book
  • a non candy company
Simple rules:
  • Try to tie in an element of the choice you made.
    • Taste
    • Color
    • Ingredients
    • etc.
  • It can be an existing candy bar with a name change but give a reason why it fits with the brand.
  • Have fun!

Bonus: Try any of the Reece’s candy bars and write a quick review.