I’m a big fan of the game chess and I have started a collection of chess sets. I’ve always wanted to design my own set and thought maybe it would be a fun challenge for you as well.


Even if you don’t know how to play that is ok, what I am looking for is a chess set theme. Cats vs Dogs, Lions vs Mice or Coffee.

  • Pick your theme
  • Can be two different sides like “Cats vs Dogs”
  • Can be just one overall theme like “Office Supplies” (where both sides are the same just one side is black and the other white like a traditional set).
  • Tell us who will be
    • Pawns
    • Rooks
    • Knights
    • Bishops
    • Queen
    • King
  • You can write about it, draw it, build it whatever way best get’s your idea across.
  • Have Fun!

Bonus: Challenge someone to a game of chess! Today!