Just Doing My Job

When I used to commute home from work , Shrewsbury to Palmer, every day I would pass this sign on the Mass Pike.

When I first started driving, I would see this sign and I would be excited because it meant I was almost home. As time went on the sign started to have a different effect. The anticipation for getting to it or the hope that I already had passed it would make me cringe when I would finally see it approaching.I still had 8 more miles. I hated this sign.

Right now I am commuting in the other direction and I pass the same sign on my way to work, it is at the beginning of my trip and it has no effect on me now. It is just doing it’s job. It’s purpose is to be helpful.

I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience or can think or something as harmless as that street sign that could create a reaction (good or bad) even when it’s intention is to be helpful.

Give me a list of anything that you can think of that:

  • The Item’s true intention must be to help or inform you (no slogans or bumper stickers)
  • you have a strong reaction to it (Bad or Good)
  • you can explain the reason why

Have Fun!

Bonus: Do both Bad and Good