Tasty Disasters

I’ve learned a few things about living in a house with both my mother-in-law who is a baker, and has a commercial bakery in her house:

  • one is I should never bring home, store bought cookies
  • the house always smells awesome when you wake up (baking starts at 4:00 am)
  • most importantly you learn to love mistakes.

See the small flaw in this cupcake?

There is a little extra cake hanging over the edge. This is a cupcake disaster even though it still tasted delicious (that’s chocolate with a peanut butter creme filling and yes I ate it) but it would not have made it to Ooma‘s display case at the bakery anyway. It did inspire a creative challenge though.

Now this is not a major flaw for a cup cake (I did say it was delicious) but I can’t eat them all and it can happen frequently. Here is the assignment:

  • Come up with a marketing or advertising gimmick that will help sell these lopsided cupcakes.
  • Give them a special name
  • Change the flavor if you think it helps
  • Have fun!

Bonus: There is a reason this happens to cupcakes while baking, come up with you best guess as to why. Most original idea wins an official Mojogoing.com Empty envelope.