I lost on Jeopardy

I lost on Jeopardy

Video included just for fun.

Watching Jeopardy tonight I noticed the generalization of the categories. An example of a category from tonight’s show was “Double E’s”. The Answers in a form of a Question were any words with two E’s in them like “What is Speed Trap”. Another topic was “Dogs”. Come on!

I don’t think they are trying hard enough. We need to help them, but picking six random trivia topics would be too easy. So I will give you some rules.

  • Pick six specific trivia topics that are about you.
  • Each one would be your expertise.
  • If you saw them appear on the Jeopardy board as a contestant you’d know you would win.
  • You have to come up with a clever Jeopardy style category title.
  • You can explain them if you feel you need to.
  • Have Fun!

Bonus: Give an example of the $1000 Answer for each category.