Bed Time Story Night Light

When my oldest daughter was little I had given her a flashlight for bed time. The light had different images you could put on it. They were images of a knight, a princess, a dragon, a castle and a unicorn. We started playing this game just before bed where she would hand me an image and I would have to make up a story based on the order she handed them to me. Some time I got the castle first, sometimes I got the dragon first. There were a hundreds of possible combinations.

  • You get to make up a story.
  • Click the link below and it will take you to the images.
  • Press the Randomize button to shuffle the images.
  • Right down your story in the order they appear.
  • No more than two sentences for each image.
  • Have to give us the sequence you get.
  • Have fun!

Click Here

Bonus: Write a story with only one sentence per image.